Submit your event for LAF 2016

As part of a recent review of the festival it was agreed that a set of Terms & Conditions (see below) should be drawn up to formalise the relationship between Leek Arts Festival committee and the many outside organisations and individuals who stage events as part of the Festival each year and whose contributions are so vital to the overall programme.

These Terms & Conditions are not intended to be particularly onerous and are designed simply to ensure that arrangements for all Festival events are finalised much earlier than has been the case in the past and that all the information we need to help you promote your event/events reaches us in good time.

In the interests of ensuring that Leek Arts Festival can continue to play its part in the cultural diversity of our town, I hope you will agree that this slightly more formal approach to organising the Festival programme is a sensible way forward.



NOTE: For the purposes of this document the term ‘outside organisation’ is taken to mean any group or individual not recorded as a trustee of Leek Arts Festival (Reg. Charity: 507874)

  • Full details of event (title… date… time… ticket price… tickets available from…) plus contact details (phone number and email address) for the organiser must be submitted to the Festival committee. (NOTE: The Festival committee intends to have the printed programme available for distribution by the end of February.)
  • Where an outside body or individual proposes to stage an event on the same date as any pre-existing Leek Arts Festival committee event the outside body will be asked to seek an alternative date. This will only apply where the two events are likely to attract a similar audience. If the outside organiser is unable/unwilling to consider an alternative date the Festival committee reserves the right not to include that event in the Festival programme or on the Festival website.
  • All printed or online material produced by an outside organisation to advertise its event (posters, fliers, tickets, programmes etc) must include the Leek Arts Festival logo and the Leek Arts Festival QR code which provides a link to the Leek Arts Festival website.
  • All press releases/statements and other material (inc online) produced by an outside organisation to promote its event must include a reference to the event being staged as part of Leek Arts Festival.
  • Any outside organisation staging an event as part of Leek Arts Festival will be provided with a supply of Festival programmes to be distributed in advance of that event and/or at that event.

  • If an outside organisation fails to comply with any of the above conditions Leek Arts Festival committee reserves the right not to include that organisation’s event(s) in the Festival programme or on the Festival website.

The information form below can either be completed online or downloaded and printed as a hard copy. Hard copies should be returned to Phil Edmeades, Press and Publicity Officer, 38 Prospect Road, Leek, ST13 5BX no later than February 28th 2016